Dimensions Determining Telepresence

Steuer, J. (1995). Defining visual reality: Dimensions determining telepresence. In F. Biocca and M. R. Levy (Eds.), Communication in the age of virtual reality (pp. 33-56). Hilldale, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Telepresence is the extent to which one feels present in the mediated environment, rather than in the immediate physical environment. Progressively more advanced media technologies will enhance the sense of telepresence in a wide variety of virtual realities. Steur suggested that cmmunication researchers are uniquely suited to VR research; they can build upon the lessons learned from earlier studies of media technologies in a human context, extending the work to include new media as they develop. Rather than relying solely on engineering disciplines to design and implement new media, communication researchers should become involved in the design and implementation of new media systems before they are institutionalized.

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